Unlocking Page One: Understanding Google’s “Helpful Content” Guidelines

It’s been called the biggest content update since “Panda” shook the marketing world over 10 years ago, and its effects are being felt across all sites and industries. With the shakeup in search rankings and a focus on providing a high-quality user experience, Google’s “Helpful Content” Update certainly feels familiar, and is affecting the content you write – whether you like it or not.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently craft content for your site, armed with a full understanding of Google’s newest content guidelines
  • Better understand what kinds of content get rewarded – and penalized – by Google
  • Create a plan to not only write new, optimized content, but also update existing content

This session is for digital marketers who want to better understand Google’s newest guidelines and ensure their content is as effective as possible.