The Authenticity Lie: How to Build Loyalty Through Storytelling

What if I told you people don’t care about authenticity? “Blasphemy,” you say, “Authenticity is marketing’s favorite buzz word!” In reality, people care about consistency. People then ascribe meaning to consistency which creates its own type of authenticity. Come see how top brands use storytelling to create “real connections” with their audience and how you can too. This season is for digital marketers, brand strategists, content strategist, or copywriters looking for ways to break away from the pack or create loyalty with their market in a more meaningful way.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a digital identity that is unique to YOUR brand
  • Understand how current brands are using trends to “feel” authentic
  • Use Digital Storytelling to do consistent cross-platform world building
  • Make “boring” brands more engaging