3 Ways Your Brand Can Easily Benefit from Internal Podcasting

Internal podcasting can be an excellent way for your brand to educate, inform, entertain, and build relationships with your employees and customers alike, all while increasing awareness. The benefits are numerous, from improved branding to employee/customer engagement and retention.

Whether you’re a newer brand or an established player, podcasting is an effective strategy for communicating often-complex ideas to your audience in a conversational manner. This session will lay out 3 ways your brand can easily benefit from internal podcasting, including key strategies to consider when developing a podcast: team building, content marketing, and brand growth strategy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement internal podcasting as an optimized content marketing strategy
  • Achieve tactical brand growth through the utilization of internal podcasts
  • Utilize internal podcasts in team building

This session is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders looking to connect equally with their employees and customers, and who want to understand how to reach these audiences through internal podcasts.