How to Engage Gamers with In-Game Advertising

The gaming advertising market is leveling up and the demand for how to navigate in-game advertising opportunities is skyrocketing! Understanding how to uniquely plan, buy, and measure in the gaming space may seem next level, but it can genuinely be all fun and games! In this session, marketers will be able to effectively evaluate the opportunities of in-game advertising and leave with strategies on how to engage with a gaming audience. You’ll hear proven best practices you can apply based on the IAB Gaming and Esports Advertising Framework, the upcoming standards specific to in-game advertising, and early case studies and audience analyses from Comscore’s work on intrinsic in-game advertising.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply criteria to determine if in-game advertising is a good fit for your company, based on understanding the behavior and scale of the gaming audience
  • Effectively plan and reach gamers by applying recommended practices from the IAB Gaming and Esports Advertising Framework
  • Apply tips on the key elements that brands should consider when designing the newest IAB in-game advertising format called Intrinsic in-game ads