Breathing Life Into Legacy: How to Create in the Space of Iconic Brands

When working with major corporations, the anticipation and excitement become unreal. With an elevated heart rate, sweaty palms, and the driest throat you’ve ever had, suddenly it’s showtime. It’s time to deliver, but where do you begin? What if the client is a legacy brand with a priceless IP, such as Disney’s The Lion King or Coca-Cola? How do you execute new marketing strategies and campaigns while aligning with its legacy? This is where big boys and girls are made; where professional grind and grit have to kick in. Your entire reputation can be riding on your ability to deliver. Do you have what it takes?

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use a brand guide to ensure you’re aligning with a brand’s existing legacy while executing fresh ideas
  • Define and execute effective project management strategies when working with the brand
  • Speak to your audience authentically through the prism of the corporation you are branding