Building a Website that Sells: Integrating a Holistic SEO Strategy in a New Build

When optimization includes everything from CSS minification and image compression to building product pages with relevant content and applicable schema markup, there are a LOT of tactical elements to making sure your website is optimized before it goes live. The complexities of this work are often dependent on your platform, theme, and customizations. As a website manager or owner, understanding when and where to make SEO a new build requirement can make or break website performance at launch, and long after.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Determine when and where SEO is required in the build of your eCommerce website
  • Apply SEO tactics for a new build, and understand the consequences of neglecting this strategy
  • Make informed decisions on the platform, theme, and customizations to better optimize a website during a new build

This session is for eCommerce marketers and website managers with a high-level understanding of SEO strategy and tactics, who are looking for direction on improving website performance.