Digital Defeat: Avoiding Digital Transformation Failure

Today’s world is in the midst of a “digital transformation (DX),” and big or small, businesses are no exception. The promise of digitization is clear, and the stakes are high: digitization enables better work, faster delivery, and total visibility into your organization… and helps you gain and keep your edge in the market. So why do 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail? How can you succeed in getting the most from your people, processes, and tools? Join us as we share research about common (but oft-missed) failure points, provide strategies for managing “the digitization triangle,” and show you how to connect and align your tech stack.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what analysts say about why DX initiatives fail
  • List why best-in-class companies use digitization to succeed and innovate
  • Know where the invisible factors of DX are affecting work execution
  • Be a strategic leader in your organization using digital transformation