Chatbots & Mobile Wallets: Why Brands Need the Product Management Model

Today, automation and bots are dominating tech advances for business, and there are ways to apply that tech to virtually every facet of your digital marketing campaign. But in a world that is defined by its “all about me” culture, are we at risk of losing the human connection with our customers? As automation, autopilot and ad blindness become more of a reality, the strongest business leaders will be skilled at breaking through the noise with human-centric messaging that is hyper-relevant to their audience. This session will bring together marketers focused on product management and using digital tools to solve client business problems.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why marketers should adopt a minimum viable product mindset to successfully launch digital tool
  • Practice “brutal empathy” as a means for adding user value
  • Learn product development best practices and principles, like “fail faster.”