There has been a problem with the adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality by both brands and consumers. Consumers insist on great content before investing in high-end hardware. Brands are shy to invest in content that will move the needle without a way to measure its effectiveness. Dave and his team, partially in a collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, have brought forth a solution to this. Now, Brands that invest in VR (Virtual Reality) will have precise, sensitive methods that measure success without depending on self-reporting, cognitive effort, memory, even a user’s willingness to give an honest answer. This session will explore how.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the challenges related to creating robust, room-scale and interactive virtual or augmented reality content
  • Articulate how biometric data capture can produce data that is married to behavioral data in a way that allows us to understand how consumers interact with digital content
  • Understand how the future of Extended Reality experiences might impact how we perform consumer research