If you aren’t able to create all the content needed for a robust content marketing campaign on your own, the default wisdom is to outsource it. Yet, the internet is littered with tales of failed outsourcing attempts—from lackluster content, to late deliveries, to wasted content spend and more. Where’s the disconnect? The reality is that outsourcing successfully is a skill like any other. In this session, we’ll explore how marketers can work effectively with freelancers to create authoritative content, as well as how you can avoid common mistakes that threaten to derail outsourced content campaigns.
At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Find and hire freelancers who are capable of creating authoritative content
  • Understand what freelancers need from you to execute projects successfully
  • Use specific strategies for creating expert-level content when your freelancers aren’t industry experts
  • Stop wasting money on generic, entry-level content that doesn’t support your marketing and business goals