Your sales funnel could use more leads. A lot more leads. And most importantly, leads that convert – day-in, day-out. Paul Klebanov learned a few hard lessons in funnel optimization – he once lost almost 10K! – but came out of it a better marketer. And now he’s ready to pass on his conversion secrets to you – from content marketing and PPC tactics, to more unconventional strategies people are just starting to talk about – so you can start making your ROI dreams a reality.
After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Hack your creative and formulate quality “content marketing”
  • Create content that elicits an emotional response to share, like, tweet, and engage with it
  • Uncover 8 ad triggers that force Facebook to lower your advertising cost
  • Discover how your competitors’ successes (and mistakes) can help propel your business forward
  • Understand behavioral email marketing vs. traditional list building, and how using triggers, delays, and actions will increase your conversion and retention rates