Email continues to reign supreme when it comes to digital ROI. But is your organization maximizing the potential of this powerhouse channel? In this in-depth workshop designed for those with a grasp of email fundamentals, Jen Capstraw will reveal her arsenal of strategy secrets, highlighting common email marketer myths and mistakes—and how to correct course. Find out which engagement opportunities you’re overlooking, processes and practices you should adjust or abandon, and which trends and technologies will drive the future of email. You’ll reconsider what you thought you knew about email, and emerge with a fresh perspective that will accelerate the maturity of your email marketing program.
At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize email best practices worth busting
  • Identify and fill the gaps in your email program
  • Apply the Goldilocks Zone, the practical path to personalization
  • Know when to just say no to A/B testing
  • Plan preference centers that advance business objectives
  • Apply the feng shui approach to email design
  • Implement acquisition and progressive profiling opps you haven’t previously considered
  • Differentiate between compliance and deliverability fact and fiction
  • Plan an ESP migration based on data-driven findings